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Welcome to my first blog post.  My goal is to “write something worth reading” for you and many others.  Sharing my experiences, observations and opinions with you are both exciting and scary at the same time. Writing, for others to read (and critique), opens up a vulnerability that many people fear; however, I am willing to step into that ring of fire.



Until this blog, my observations have been limited to discussions with close family and friends, or the pages of my personal journal. Social media sites have become the place to share quotes, articles, photos, and videos. However, even then, I find that people want quick news—nothing too deep and nothing too long. This blog expands my ability to collaborate and reach out to others with similar interests.

I write about what I observe, ponder or experience in my life. In addition, I share what I like. Because of this, topics will vary. Some of the topics may relate to family, parenthood, education, teaching, writing, sports, health and wellness, today’s youth, goals and happiness.  You would be surprised how many of these topics interconnect.

Follow my blog if you are looking for some interesting, reflective and/or entertaining to read. Feel free to comment and share your opinion on any topics that spark your interest.  I look forward to sharing this journey with you.  This is only the beginning.



  1. Vic’s co-anchor, Suzanne Rico, started writing a blog about 3 yrs. ago, and it has turned into something wonderful. I’m looking forward to reading yours. But don’t let it substitute for a genuine visit sometime.
    Love, FAC

  2. Good for you Diane! I’m looking forward to reading all the wonderful things you’ll be putting on it!
    Love you,

  3. Hey friend,

    Welcome to the blog world!

    Of course I will follow you!

    I love the joy you have and share.

    Love you and Like you!

    Be Silly Be Honest Be Kind

  4. Can’t wait to start reading what you have to share!
    Love you, Aunt jo

  5. It’ll be fun reading yours . Between you and Thomas , lots to say !! and read and answer ??

  6. This is great, Diane! I’m looking forward to following your blog.

  7. From one writer to another, keep the pen to the paper, the fingers to the keyboard and enjoy!

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