Letter to Educators

Dear Educators, Our career choice is not meant for the weak. Everyone has an opinion on how we can do our job better. Disdain for our efforts to demand fair wages, healthcare, or funding for our classroom turn into a conversation about our selfishness. Our tenure is blamed for the…

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Women’s March 2017 – “Why Did I March?”


Today marks one week since the Women’s March on Washington. I have had time to process what occurred, as well as, had the opportunity to share some thoughts with others. There are so many layers of emotions connected to the event and its aftermath that I, myself, have needed to…

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Stay United, Not Divided


Freedom of speech is our right. Many have fought and died for it, and because of it. With every right, there is a responsibility though. Our responsibility is to listen, as well as speak. We, as Americans, owe each other a listening ear. I ask that you read this to…

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Exercise Your Right to Vote

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For the past month, I have listened to 150 fifth grade students rehearse for their performances this week about the cause and effect of the American Revolution. They sing songs about King George the Third’s empire (13 Colonies), Taxation without Representation, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitutional Convention, the first…

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