Women’s March 2017 – “Why Did I March?”


Today marks one week since the Women’s March on Washington. I have had time to process what occurred, as well as, had the opportunity to share some thoughts with others. There are so many layers of emotions connected to the event and its aftermath that I, myself, have needed to…

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Why Did They Die?

WHY DID THEY DIE?   My daddy is a police officer. I don’t understand why he was shot.   My older brother has dark brown skin like me. I don’t understand why he was shot.   My daddy died yesterday. He’s a police officer. I miss him.   My older…

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A Hand To Hold

Image by Diane GP

When I say the words “holding hands,” what first comes to mind? Love? Couples? What exactly is handholding? It is a joining of hands from two or more people. It’s that simple, right? No. The joining of two hands can carry vastly different meanings in certain scenarios. Have you ever…

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Parenting Rule Book

Have you ever noticed that there is only ONE owner’s manual included in a box or package? It often comes in multiple languages and usually has a troubleshooting section at the end. Basically, the manual is an explicit list of instructions on how to build and/or operate an item. Living…

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