What Every Soccer Parent Needs To Know

“Kick it!” “What are you doing?” “Run to the ball!” “Get back in the goal!” “Offsides!” “That was a foul!” “That wasn’t a foul!” If you recognize these statements, then you have attended a youth soccer game. If you have said these statements, then you are probably related to one of…

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First School Day (Again)

Good morning! Good morning! Good morning! Good morning! Good morning! You get the idea, right? At the beginning of every school day, this is the greeting that I give each student as they walk into the classroom. Thirty faces pass me by. A few reply with the same greeting. Some…

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Empty Nest

Image: Diane GP

“Bye, bye birdie.” If you are a parent, then at some point in your life, you will experience the Empty Nest Syndrome. It is that time in your life where your day-to-day family role lessens, your relationship is either rekindled or unraveled, and your social circle feels like a merry-go-round.…

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Living The Mouse Dream

© Diane Galvez-Parker

My husband and I visited “the happiest place on Earth” this week. You know the place. It starts with a D and has grown people proudly wearing mouse ears in public. It had been eight years since we last visited, so we were due for a return. I walked around…

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