Moments Matter #1 – Know Your Child’s Friends

© Diane Galvez-Parker

Have you ever gone to bed happy and grateful and then wake up the next morning with the same feeling? You go to sleep with an excitement of the day’s events and then wake up with the same euphoria. This is life’s way of reminding you that happiness matters. People…

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Through The Eyes of a Football Mom

Image: Diane GP

“We interrupt this marriage to bring you football season.” During my son Damien’s college football years, this statement best described my life. Over the span of five seasons, my husband Darin and I attended every home game and traveled to many away games together. If he couldn’t travel with me,…

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What Every Soccer Parent Needs To Know

“Kick it!” “What are you doing?” “Run to the ball!” “Get back in the goal!” “Offsides!” “That was a foul!” “That wasn’t a foul!” If you recognize these statements, then you have attended a youth soccer game. If you have said these statements, then you are probably related to one of…

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Image by Diane Galvez-Parker

In order to write this week’s post, I felt the need to use my research skills and find out the formal definition of WEEKEND. Here are some of the definitions that I found: WEEKEND ~ the end of the week; specifically:  the period between the close of one work or…

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