Dad, Did I Make You Proud?

Image by Diane GP

Today is Father’s Day. For many, it is a celebration. It is a day to say “Thanks Dad for being there when I needed you.” It is a day to appreciate your father’s presence and impact in your life. This week’s blog was a hard one for me. Contrary to…

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Say Cheese!

Camera, Photo Album

Pictures are priceless. One photo can bring a smile, a tear, or sometimes both. Pictures are proof of the past. Pictures confirm our existence in this world. So, why do we let them sit on our computer, tablet, or cell phone for months or years at time? What happened to…

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Life is a Beach

Image: Diane GP

A cool breeze brushes lightly against my face, as I stand and watch a never-ending repetition of life’s colors. Blue ocean waves crash, one after another, creating a row of white bubbles that rapidly move its way onto the waiting brown sand. Then the cool water dissipates, as the sand…

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