Women’s March 2017 – “Why Did I March?”


Today marks one week since the Women’s March on Washington. I have had time to process what occurred, as well as, had the opportunity to share some thoughts with others. There are so many layers of emotions connected to the event and its aftermath that I, myself, have needed to…

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Stay United, Not Divided


Freedom of speech is our right. Many have fought and died for it, and because of it. With every right, there is a responsibility though. Our responsibility is to listen, as well as speak. We, as Americans, owe each other a listening ear. I ask that you read this to…

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Home Is Where The Heart Is

Image by Diane Galvez-Parker

Life happens. We grow older. We leave people and we leave homes. People leave us and people leave our homes. Have you every thought about why our heart still holds onto the memories of these places that we either lived in or visited? I wondered. So, I started asking these…

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Day of Quotes #3

Image: Diane GP

Quotes! Quotes! Quotes! The cliff notes of life. This week I chose quotes that focus on life changes. Are you about to send your child off to college or the military? Did you experience the death of a family member or friend? Has life recently thrown you a curveball? Whatever you…

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Why Did They Die?

WHY DID THEY DIE?   My daddy is a police officer. I don’t understand why he was shot.   My older brother has dark brown skin like me. I don’t understand why he was shot.   My daddy died yesterday. He’s a police officer. I miss him.   My older…

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Love is Love

Image by Diane GP

OUR LOVE What makes our love work? What makes me want to know how your day went? What makes me want to kiss you “Good Morning” when I awake? What makes me want to kiss you “Good Night” before I go to sleep? What makes me want to know about…

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