Di’s Mind #3


Di’s Mind is best described as a hodgepodge of random thoughts running through my head at any given time. Today’s topic is Social Media Accounts. Add your own thoughts to each list. What comes to your mind?


Posts That Should Be Avoided (a.k.a. Question Before You Press Send)

Talking negatively about family, such as spouses, children, and other relatives

Talking negatively about friends, including boyfriends and girlfriends

Posting pictures of others in unflattering poses without their permission; parties and alcohol are usually involved

Posting photos or information of another person’s joyous event FIRST, without their permission, such as births, engagements, weddings &  jobs

Posting photos of other people’s personal moments, without their permission, such as hospitals or funerals

Argumentative responses to another person’s post that may provoke anger and/or misunderstanding in your relationship; speak in person, if necessary


Social Media Etiquette To Remember

Remember that it is your account; post YOUR information  *I learned the hard way!

Try to state beforehand to people that you might be posting pictures of the event, so they can either avoid the camera, ask for prior approval, or say “Go for it! Post them all!”  *I do this most of the time.

Remember that there is NO such thing as privacy in this world. A simple comment or like from a “friend” can be seen on their feed or notifications by others. Be selective what you post.

Unless you are in the picture, ask permission to share another person’s personal photo or photo album


I’m Just Curious

Have you ever noticed how many photos of feet are posted during the summer months?

Have you ever noticed how different everyone’s feet look? Long toes? Stubby toes? Separated toes? Pointy feet? Wide feet? Photo-ready pedicures? Feet in need of a pedicure?

What is the ratio of alcoholic beverage photos to non-alcoholic beverage photos?

Why do some people insist on using all capital letters? Do they know that it is most often views as yelling?

Do any of the fun surveys and quizzes add viruses?

In the last five years, how many more house and work projects could I have completed with the time that I spent looking at my social media sites?

Where is the monitoring of the preteens who think it is ok to have public accounts?

Should teachers allow their current or former students onto their personal social media accounts? Is there an age limit or other criteria?

What is more important to certain people when “accepting friends” on social media: the total number of friends on the account (public), having a mutual friend that may know them better than you, or knowing the person closely firsthand.

Have social sites helped or hurt today’s society? Does the particular site make a difference in answering that question?

Random thoughts: Everyone has them. Embrace them. Share them. Prompt a discussion.

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