For Free

I have three questions for you in regards to your passion/calling/purpose in life.

1) Why do you work?

  • Pay the bills necessary for survival (need vs. want)
  • Save for a bigger home, car or other material items in the “want” category
  • Save for retirement
  • Pay or save for college
  • Get out of the house
  • Help the family business
  • (Fill in the blank)________________________________


2) What job would you do for free?

  • Public Speaker (in what area)
  • Author or Journalist
  • Actor, Director or Producer
  • Singer, Dancer or Choreographer
  • Sports Coach, Life Coach or Mentor
  • Education of children (teacher, counselor, etc.)
  • Education of adults
  • Medical profession (doctor, nurse, etc.)
  • Justice Seeker (lawyer, activist, etc.)
  • Beauty & Health (hair stylist, personal trainer, etc.)
  • Gardening or Landscaping
  • Athlete
  • (Fill in the blank)________________________________


3) Are you in your “free job” right now? If not, what are your reasons?

  • Too old
  • Too late
  • Too many financial responsibilities
  • Not enough time to pursue something new
  • Fear
  • (Fill in the blank)________________________________


Stop and think about your life for a moment. Is it still possible to have your “free job” in this lifetime? How can you achieve it? What steps do you need to take? Are you stuck with the particular job title or can it be something similar?

As for me, I have asked myself all of those same questions. However, just like you cannot answer each of the questions for me, I am unable to answer yours. Only YOU know what you like, what sparks your interest, and what you can’t ever imagine NOT being able to do in some capacity!

So, find your passion. Find your calling. Find your purpose. And then move forward to achieve it. Good luck!

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