Life is a Beach

A cool breeze brushes lightly against my face, as I stand and watch a never-ending repetition of life’s colors. Blue ocean waves crash, one after another, creating a row of white bubbles that rapidly move its way onto the waiting brown sand. Then the cool water dissipates, as the sand gets ready to greet the next wave.

Isn’t it interesting that even though the “first” wave hasn’t finished its run to the sand, there is always another wave directly behind it, ready to take over its space? The waves never end. The cycle never stops. Isn’t that how life is? People are born and people die, but the world still goes on.

Image: Diane GP

Each wave is a moment in time. Moments can involve people, places, and events. Some waves are big, like the memorable moments in our lifetime; some are small, like the mundane moments in our daily life. However, you look at it—time is passing. Waves can’t suddenly retract back into the ocean because they didn’t like how it they either arrived, stayed, or departed; just like our moments in life. Time is something that you can never get back.

Have you ever noticed how some waves reach further into the sand than others? Life is like that. Some moments last longer and saturate our lives more than others. However, even an ocean wave has a limited time on the sand before it disappears, reminding us that there is an ending to every moment, whether good or bad.

Each grain of sand is a memory brought to the surface from an ocean wave. Once the water (moment) disappears, we are left only with the sand (memories). Sand can be beautiful or troublesome. From a distance it’s a beautiful tan blanket. Up close it can be too hot, too course, too fine, and for some, too hard to walk through. Add the stickiness and there’s another whole dimension. To the naked eye, we may only see the water of the wave, but anyone who has been in the ocean water feels the sand on his or her body long after the water dries. A reminder that some memories stick to us like glue and never want to leave, hiding in the crevices of our soul.

Have you ever just stood in the sand as the waves came in and buried your feet? They get buried deeper and deeper with each new wave. Have your feet ever been buried too deep that it’s hard to keep balance when a new wave arrives? Burying your feet in the sand is life! As time passes, you realize that it’s time to lift up your feet and either start over in the same place, move to new area, or walk away completely. And in some cases, if you’ve waited too long and lost your balance, it may take a little longer to remove yourself, but you can ALWAYS remove your feet. Unfortunately some people find themselves with buried feet their whole life, afraid to move or walk away, never quite catching their balance.

Image: Diane GP

Footprints in the sand mark the paths that we take in our life’s journey. When you walk along the ocean, you see how each new wave creates a blanket of possibilities, waiting for you to make your mark. In the distance, there may be footprints of others who walked it before you. Some people may use it as a guide, but I have yet to see someone walk the exact path and completely cover the old footprints. Even if you tried, it would be impossible because of the different sizes, footprints, and stride. Isn’t this life? No two people walk the same path; similar, yes; same, no.

Have you ever looked back at your footprints? As you turn around, you can see how far you have walked and whether you walked a straight, zigzag, or curved path. Have you ever noticed the depth of the footprint? Some are shallow and some are dug deeper, as if you were walking, or even running, with a purpose. One thing is for sure, it doesn’t matter what you do—you can’t go back and change the path. It is what it is. You can, however, change the untouched path ahead of you. What do you want it to look like? What do you want to change?

Life is simple. Life is complicated. Life is a person. Life is a place. Life is an event. Life is an ocean wave. Life is time. Life is sand. Life is a memory. Life is a footprint. Life is a journey. Life is a beach.


  1. That was absolutely beautiful. This was really deep! Best of all your writings!

  2. I loved reading your writing, very nice:)

  3. Nice writing, You are really talented 🙂

  4. Incredible how you incorporated the waves and sand into our lives. Your writings are amazing!

  5. Very well said and written Diane. And, Applicable ! (: )

  6. LOVE this piece so very much! Now I feel compelled to get myself to the beach ASAP!

  7. I am just getting around to reading this today, and it couldn’t be more poignant. As we make decisions in our lives, we often wonder if they are correct, yet once the decision is made, it is gone. I love your words and analogies and thank you for helping me to see the truth in the decisions I have made.

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