Love is Love


What makes our love work?

What makes me want to know how your day went?

What makes me want to kiss you “Good Morning” when I awake?

What makes me want to kiss you “Good Night” before I go to sleep?

What makes me want to know about what brings you joy?

What makes me want to know about why you might be feeling sad or frustrated?

What makes me want to share your wins and your losses in life?

What makes me want to hear your voice on the phone, even though I know that I will see you soon?

What makes me want to see your face on my cell phone background, even though I live with you?

What makes me want to have you by my side when I need a hug or high-five?

What makes me want to share my life with you? 

Poetry by Diane Galvez-Parker

Sharing my “Our Love” poem is not just a glimpse into my own relationship; it’s meant to be a testament for everybody’s love. Yes, I thought of my husband when I wrote it; however, it applies to any person in love. Nothing in this poem states that “Our Love” was between a man and a woman. Love is love. Man-to-man. Woman-to-woman. Man-to-woman. Love is love.

I have been blessed to see family and friends live a life of love. Some short-term. Some long-term. Some living together. Some married. Some widowed. Some divorced. However long their relationship lasted, and whatever circumstances may have ended their daily physical union, the fact of the matter is that these people experienced LOVE.

Loving someone has its risks: being disappointed, betraying trust, getting heartbroken, or even worse, losing that special person to death. Living life is about taking risks. Some pay off and some don’t. Whatever has happened in past or present relationships, take the time to appreciate how it felt in the beginning. Remember the butterflies in your stomach and the smile on your face when you would hear his or her name. No amount of money can ever buy that feeling.

Everybody needs to experience this feeling at least once. If you have ever experienced the love of another, for ANY period of time, then you have been blessed. Count those moments in your list of life’s blessings. You were given a rare gift. If the phrase “till death do us part” rang true for you and your love, then I send you an extra hug today as you read this.

Many people want to know how to have a loving relationship that lasts. What’s the secret? Who has the better relationship?

Is it the couple that posts pictures and messages of their anniversary, vacation, date night, or latest adventure on social media for the whole world to see? Or is it the couple that quietly lives their life outside of the social media spotlight?

Is it the couple that holds hands or kisses each other in public? Or is the couple that avoids public displays of affection?

Is it the couple raising a family? Is it the “empty nester” couple whose children are grown and out of the home? Or is it the childless couple, whether by choice or circumstance?

Is it the couple that couldn’t imagine doing anything, or going anywhere, without the other? Or is it the couple that has their own interests and adventures separate from the other?

Is it the couple that struggles financially? Or is it the couple that is financially stable?

Is it the couple that seems to display a balance of respect, trust, individuality, and togetherness? Or is the couple that acknowledges, overlooks, or accepts a fault in their foundation?

Is it the couple you see next door, in your family, circle of friends, or in the latest tabloid magazine?

Which couple are you? Who are you trying to emulate? If single, which of these relationships are you looking for?

The fact of the matter is that NO ONE knows what is happening behind closed doors. Why do the “perfect” couples break up and the “crazy” ones stay together?

What I have learned so far in my lifetime is that EVERY relationship is different because every person is different. Find what works for YOU. Find the relationship that best works with YOUR values, life goals, personality, and lifestyle. Don’t compare yourself to others. Be YOU in your own life and your relationship. Be honest. Be authentic. Be with whomever makes you happy. Love is love is love is love.

Image by Diane GP



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