In The Moment – Blessings

Image: Diane GPTake a short break and be In The Moment as you listen to Blessings by Laura Story.

Then ask yourself:

What are my blessings?

What have been my mercies in disguise?

Author’s Note: I heard this song for the first time while in my car. It was during a moment in my life when I needed a reminder that God’s Plan was better than my own. Then Blessings came on the radio and I felt like an angel was singing just to me. The lyrics were clear, the melody was simple, the voice was soothing, and by the end of the song, the message was received. To this day, I periodically stop what I’m doing, close my eyes, and listen (not while driving, of course!). Without fail, this song always covers me in a blanket of serenity afterwards.

I included two videos in this post. The first one is the audio only with the same image throughout. In the second video, someone added various images to the song. I recommend that you listen first, so that you can reflect and initially create your own images. Either way, I hope that this song brings you as much peace as it has to me.


Feel free to share this In The Moment post with others. I do not own the videos.

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