In The Moment – I’m Only Human

Image: Diane GPTake a short break and be In The Moment as you watch two beautifully danced performances from last year’s Dancing with the Stars. Derek Hough and Paralympic Bronze Medalist Amy Purdy perform to Christina Perri’s song Human in Week 3 and Hardwell’s song Dare You in Week 10.

Then ask yourself:

Is there a life-altering event that I am letting control my mind, body, and soul?

How can I change that energy from negative to positive?

What can I do TODAY to make that change?

Author’s Note: Dancing with the Stars is my one of my favorite reality shows. Not only are the dances inspiring, breathtaking, fun, and entertaining to watch, but what I really love are their personal stories and journey throughout the show. As for Derek and Amy’s Week 3 dance, tears and goosebumps are the best way to describe its effect on me. The song lyrics were especially fitting too, considering that the inspiration for their particular dance was when Amy was first learning to walk (with prosthetics) after her amputation. The second video starts with Amy’s backstory and then ends with an amazing freestyle dance. Lastly, I had the pleasure of seeing Amy share her story at Oprah’s Life You Want Tour last November. She had a positive energy and an “I can do anything” attitude that reached out to every audience member. It makes me appreciate my life and inspires me to make a difference in this world.

Feel free to share this In The Moment post with others. I do not own the videos.

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