In The Moment – Mothers & Daughters

Image: Diane GPTake a short break and be In The Moment as you listen to the songs Don’t Forget To Remember Me by Carrie Underwood and I Wonder by Kellie Pickler.

Then ask yourself:

What do I remember about moving out of my parents’ home for the first time? 

What parental advice did I use?

What were the little things that my mother did for me growing up?

Author’s Note: I decided to carry over mother-inspired videos into one more post. However, these two songs couldn’t be any different though. In honor of American Idol announcing their last season, I chose two singers who got their start on that show. Carrie Underwood’s song Don’t Forget To Remember Me is about leaving home for the first time and the things that either a mother says, or a child says to her. It shows the close mother-child bond, even through distance. On the opposite end is Kellie Pickler’s song I Wonder, which is autobiographical. I have yet to watch this without shedding a tear at the end. Kellie had been estranged from her mother since she was two and was raised primarily by her grandparents. Her 2007 performance was the first time that she sang the song in public; it shows the raw emotion of an absent mother and her daughter.

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