Moments Matter #2 – Gratitude

What does it mean to be thankful? When are you most thankful? Who are you most thankful for? Are you thankful for the wealth and celebrations? What are you thankful for during poverty and solitude? Are you thankful for the moments that bring you joy? Are you thankful for the moments that you had to learn from? Are you thankful that you have moments to cherish?

Moments matter. Being thankful matters. Every moment matters because we are not promised tomorrow. So, I started to think about all that I have to be grateful for today. The following poem Thank You is the result.



Thank you ancestors, for laying the strong foundation of family roots.

Thank you family, for the unconditional love, guidance and encouragement to grow.

Thank you motherhood, for showing me my purpose through pure love and devotion towards another.

Thank you marriage, for giving me another chance and bringing my soul mate to me at the perfect time.

Thank you friends, for the laughter, support, and companionship.


Thank you heart, for beating right now and giving me this moment.

Thank you brain, for keeping my memories in a safe place.

Thank you eyes, for allowing me to see the beauty of the day.

Thank you ears, for hearing the sounds of the nature in a perfect melody.

Thank you nose, for smelling the scents that bring memories of special people and places.

Thank you mouth, for the opportunity to verbally express my thoughts.

Thank you hands, for warmth and reassurance, whether clasped together or holding onto another person.

Thank you arms, for giving the comfort of a hug to those who need it.

Thank you legs, for walking me towards better health with each step I take.

Thank you feet, for directing me towards the path that I am supposed to follow.


Thank you faith, for giving me hope and vision.

Thank you passion, for igniting the fire inside that pushes me to follow my dreams.

Thank you dreams, for motivating me to persevere as a writer.

Thank you books, for expanding my mind with multiple perspectives and imagination.

Thank you writing, for freeing my soul and sharing my stories.

Thank you readers, for walking this journey with me.


Poem written by Diane GP

Life Through My Eyes DGP

November 22, 2015



  1. This is beautiful Diane!

  2. Very nice!

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