In the Moment – Happy

© Diane Galvez-Parker

Take a short break and be In The Moment as you watch this Official Music Video of Pharrell Williams’ song HAPPY. Then ask yourself: Which song makes me so happy that I just want to get up and dance? Author’s Note: Simply said, this song makes me happy, which is why I’m sharing…

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Who needs a paper hug?

Yesterday was a big day for some and uneventful for others. Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day. Depending on your current situation, you might have repeated those words differently than others may have. Your tone may have been filled with excitement, discontent, sadness, or fondness. Whatever your feelings are now, most people…

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Write Something Worth Reading

Image by Diane Galvez-Parker

    Welcome to my first blog post.  My goal is to “write something worth reading” for you and many others.  Sharing my experiences, observations and opinions with you are both exciting and scary at the same time. Writing, for others to read (and critique), opens up a vulnerability that…

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