Dear Me


Write. Just write. Stop overthinking. Stop trying to find the perfect words. Write. Just write. Don’t stop typing your first thoughts. Don’t delete the words. Write. Just write. Free flowing ideas. Outlined ideas. The next chapter. Write. Just write. Now. Today. Tomorrow. Everyday. Write. Just write. Don’t wait for inspiration.…

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My Oprah Weekend

Have you ever just sat in silence and listened to your thoughts? Complete silence. No people. No external sounds. No distractions. Do you hear the whispers of your heart? Close your eyes for the full effect. What is your heart telling you about your life right now? Are you who…

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Teachers Are Lucky

Image by Diane GP

I’m free! That’s the feeling that most teachers have at the end of the school year. Ironically, reflection, exhaustion and self-doubt encompass that feeling, as well. So, technically, we are not really free. Teachers don’t necessarily share those feelings as often though, except with other teachers. The mind of a teacher…

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Di’s Mind #1

© Diane Galvez-Parker

Today is the first of a blog series that I can only describe as Di’s Mind. You never know when it will show up, but I can guarantee you that it will give some insight into the hodgepodge of thoughts running through my head at any given time. Since attending…

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