Airport Madness

Have you ever wondered about the people that you see in an airport? They come in all ages and sizes. They wear business suits, slacks, skirts, sports gear, jeans, sweat pants, and even pajamas. Overall, each person’s airport experiences are unique. The airline counter and security check always fascinate me.…

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Living The Mouse Dream

© Diane Galvez-Parker

My husband and I visited “the happiest place on Earth” this week. You know the place. It starts with a D and has grown people proudly wearing mouse ears in public. It had been eight years since we last visited, so we were due for a return. I walked around…

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Take Your Seat Please

People, nowadays, are more impatient than ever. People hate waiting because they rarely have to. Information, about anything, can be accessed within minutes. Family meals can be prepared within 3-5 car lengths of a drive-thru window. Photos can be instantly viewed and shared. Messages can be sent and viewed within…

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