Day of Quotes #1

Image: Diane GP

I have a confession…I am a hoarder! I have a collection of quotes, poems, and inspirational stories everywhere I look. They are displayed throughout my home, on my classroom walls, in my home office files, and the focus of my social media sites. Something has to be done, without feeling…

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Di’s Mind #1

© Diane Galvez-Parker

Today is the first of a blog series that I can only describe as Di’s Mind. You never know when it will show up, but I can guarantee you that it will give some insight into the hodgepodge of thoughts running through my head at any given time. Since attending…

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Write Something Worth Reading

Image by Diane Galvez-Parker

    Welcome to my first blog post.  My goal is to “write something worth reading” for you and many others.  Sharing my experiences, observations and opinions with you are both exciting and scary at the same time. Writing, for others to read (and critique), opens up a vulnerability that…

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