Thank You For Loving Me

With Mother’s Day fast approaching next weekend and Father’s Day the following month, thoughts of our parents and/or children begin to dance through our heads. So, it seems only fitting to share these parent-inspired songs.  Everyone reading this may not be a parent, but every person reading this does have a parent. I have chosen some of my favorite songs that are sung from the perspective of a parent or a child. I encourage you to watch all or part of each video. I hope that you find one that relates to you.

It’s amazing how certain song lyrics can create an emotion felt deep within. Garth Brooks’ song Mom is a conversation between God and an unborn child. It’s touching how God is explaining what a mother is. When I hear Lauryn Hill sing the words “Now the joy, of my world, is in Zion,” I immediately think of my son Damien and how blessed I feel that God chose me to be his mother. Will Smith’s Just The Two Of Us may be sung from a father’s perspective, but his words about parental doubts, parental advice and the hopes that he had for his child, were almost identical to mine.  Martina McBride’s In My Daughter’s Eyes made me think of my mom and two sisters, yet it also made me think of what my son has taught me. I especially like Backstreet Boys’ The Perfect Fan which is for every mother who is her son’s biggest supporter and #1 fan. Luther Vandross’ Dance With My Father makes me think of my parents and then thank God that they are both still in my life. Reba McEntire’s The Greatest Man I Never Knew relates the least to me. However, it made me think of the fathers who didn’t hug their children or say ‘I love you.” I feel that it wasn’t because they didn’t love their children; they just weren’t “brought up that way.”

Children don’t come with manuals; so, we just try to be the best parents that we can be, with the knowledge in life that we have acquired. It was 25 years ago when I first learned that I was pregnant with my son and my life took a dramatic turn. Although I was married at the time and ready to start a family, I didn’t fully realize the impact. Damien ultimately and undoubtedly became “the joy of my world.” Upon reflection, I know that every life decision that I have made has been with the intention of creating a better life for him. I truly feel that this is what most parents do. So, take a little time to tell your parent or child what their life has meant to you.

PARENT TO CHILD – “To Zion” by Lauryn Hill   *I do not own this video.

PARENT TO CHILD – “Just The Two Of Us” by Will Smith   *I do not own this video.

PARENT TO CHILD – “In My Daughter’s Eyes” by Martina McBride   *I do not own this video.

MOTHERS – “The Perfect Fan” by Backstreet Boys  *I do not own this video.

FATHERS – “Dance With My Father” by Luther Vandross   *I do not own this video.

FATHERS – “The Greatest Man I Never Knew” by Reba McEntire & Kelly Clarkson  *I do not own this video.

MOTHERS – “Mom” by Garth Brooks 

I do not own the videos.

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